Wednesday, June 29, 2022

250px-WelshPonySectionAAll sections of Welsh ponies and Welsh cobs have small heads with large eyes, sloped shoulders, short backs and strong hindquarters. The forelegs are straight and the cannon bone short. The tails is high-set. The breed ranges from 11 hands (44 inches, 112 cm) for the smallest ponies to over 16 hands (64 inches, 163 cm) for the tallest cobs.

The movement of the Welsh Pony is bold and free, the hocks providing forceful impulsion, and characteristically fast, especially at the trot. The trot of the Welsh Pony has been favorably compared to that of the Standardbred horse.

Welsh ponies may be any coat colour except the spotted patterns such as pinto or Appaloosa. Black, chestnut and bay are the most common, but there are also duns, palominos, and Grays.

The Welsh Pony is reputed to be trustworthy and to have a good disposition, but is also spirited and enduring. They are known for their stamina and soundness, they generally have even temperaments and friendly personalities. They are usually easily trained, in part due to their high level of intelligence.